Friday, September 08, 2006

The irrelevant old queen speaks again.

Pardon my stinging criticism of the beloved pope but when i hear stuff like this. I can't help but feel this way.

So Benedict, you don't like the fact that Canada gives its people equal rights and freedom of choice, well, tough teat. I do believe we tried it the catholic way once upon a time known by many as the "Dark Ages" and yes we all remember the indulgences, the orgying of old sexless men, the stifling of free thought, murders, should I go on?

Now you think we should go back there. Why should we? Canada is secular and that means we are not a catholic country which means you can't rule us, only some of the people. So your 5 cents worth is worthless. Go bitch to Latin America.

We all know the real beef the Vatican has with the extension of reproductive choice to women and why it's against gay marriage (other than jealousy). Reproductive choice means less catholic babies to add to your dwindling numbers. It keeps people poor and always looking to "god" for non existant assistance which they internalize as their shortcomings when it never answers. You'd rather further the AIDS epidemic than let someone use a condom. As for your opposition to equal same sex marriage could the reason lies in property and wealth, none of which you will get from a gay man who can leave it to a spouse and not the church as was the case once upon a time?

So go take a f**king hike. Recommend this Post