Friday, April 25, 2008

An example of Taxpayers dollars being used for Conservative propaganda

This turned up in my worplace mailbox in the Riding of Don Valley West. It's from Peter van Loan whose riding is actually York-Simcoe, which is a considerable few ridings away. These are known as the 10 percenters and the Conservatives are blitzing ridings at taxpayers cost with these. Its a propaganda campaign for the Conservatives and you have no choice about it. They are not using their money, they are using yours. Besides abusing taxpayers dollars with this, they are also causing financial issues at Canada Post because Conservatives are abusing this so much they can't afford to subsidize the postage. The cost being incurred is quite shocking.

There is really nothing that can be done except kick them to the curb if an election is ever called. They are not breaking the law because they are utilizing loopholes, but they indeed have shredded the spirit of the law.

For your amusement and disgust I present your taxpayers dollars going down the tube.

And its not like they have a shot in hell of winning this riding, these constituents wouldn't even elect a moderate Tory leader named John Tory. Pissing in the wind at your cost. Todays Conservatives and Canada's Ailing Government™, makes you proud doesn't it? Recommend this Post