Monday, November 26, 2007

Still More Lack of Accountability & Transparency with the Conservatives.

Tories paid $25 billion in grants and subsidies over first year in office

Once friends of the Conservatives now enemies due to their unique ability of telling the truth, the Canadian Tax Payers Federation says:

The group says the 100 largest payments, doled out by 16 different departments and agencies, total $3.3 billion - much of it spent "questionably, inefficiently and, in some cases, outright irresponsibly."

And we have this:
Group calls for ethics probe of Harper over Mulroney-Schreiber affair

"When Canadians face allegations about themselves or their associates, they don't get to decide the limits of the investigation, control witnesses or choose their own judge, and neither should the prime minister, cabinet ministers or any other politician," said Conacher.

Make no wonder Dion is closing the gap Not good news when your cheerleaders at IPSO-Reid and CanWest turn their backs on you and spin for the liberals. Recommend this Post