Monday, November 06, 2006

13 random things about me

As requested by Nicole from Naughty by Nature , here are thirteen random things about me.

1) I've spiked trees in the tropics.
2) Have been an illegal immigrant and worked as such (note: not in Canada!)
3) I speak really quickly.
4) Been engaged thrice, twice with women, once with a man whom I married.
5) If jesus is the first word out of your when speaking with me, its also your last.
6) I prefer to read science related literature.
7) My first choice of career was race car driving, my parents did not agree.
8) The only time I am truly at peace is when I am alone in a forest.
9) I love spicy food, the spicier the better.
10) I can curse up a storm in Spanish!
11) I despise fag hags. If you want to be my friend, fine. But if you have no luck getting a bf don't try to live vicariously through me.
12) I rebuilt a 1984 Monte Carlo SS from the ground up (just couldn't paint the damn thing)
13) Work 30 hour weeks on full salary with 2 months vacation and plan to retire by the time I am 55. Recommend this Post