Thursday, October 26, 2006

Postal Workers Refuse to Deliver Hate Material by Church Group

This is the reason why religious groups do not need a defense of religion act. They can currently mail out all the unaddressed hate propaganda they want.

Fortunately for Canadians, there are people with a shred of decency left and surprise, its the unionized workers of Canada Post, but not Canada Post itself (shame). They felt information being sent out by a wingnut baptist church group from Ontario, a 28 page diatribe against homosexuals, should not be put in the mail boxes of people living in the gay community. All of this garbage at taxpayer expense, since they are tax exempt (yet strangely able to advocate unlike all other non profits). Where's the outrage?

This is the reason religious groups will never get the religious freedoms they supposedly don't have. There is enough hate flowing from these people without enshrining their right to promote such. The right of religious freedoms is at odds with every other right Canadians have and it has to go. People are free to think what they want, the only reason to enshrine that right is so you can force your beliefs on someone else or use it to terrorise members of your own or other communities.

I received that booklet or one very similar at my place of work here in Toronto, I was not impressed. Going to your mailbox and getting a piece of mail that slanders you, your husband, and your life from people who think its a right to do so by virtue is not much different than living in Mississippi and seeing a cross burning on your yard circa 1964. Recommend this Post